Work Order Software by Hippo CMMS

The Best Work Order Software by Hippo CMMS

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to work order software, but you need to make sure you get the best possible service, control, and maintenance available. This is why so many people choose work order software Hippo CMMS for their needs. With a proven track record, a global focus, and a reputation for being incredibly user friendly, everyone knows that they are being treated with the respect that they deserve.

The first thing that most people notice with this software is the completely graphical interface. Everything comes with charts, graphs, and other options, making it easy to understand, compare, and contrast from just a simple look. This is helpful when answering questions, making split second decisions, and choosing between different fulfillment options. These graphics are also incredibly customizable, giving your the feeling of complete control, something you should always have with your company.

The lists offered are completely data-driven, leaving out any fluff or unnecessary information. They are easy to compile, compare, print, and work into reports. This helps you save time with paperwork, different aspects of your company, and even with the process of re-checking figures. You will always have the most up to date information at your fingertips, never having to struggle when looking for information on a strict deadline.

Everything from tracking to completion is held within one database, allowing each work order to complete without any fault. When an order is completed, all of the information is filled out and stored, becoming instantly available. There is no need to fill out additional paperwork or to try and integrate different systems together. This is extremely important for anyone who feels like they are bogged down with extra work due to excess databases.

The mobile app allows for orders to be closed out and started on the go, ensuring that you are never too far from your clients. While it doesn’t have the complete functionality of the desktop version, it is still much more powerful than other apps, giving you power that your competition can only dream about. This can be a life saver if you work in an industry where turn around time is always a struggle, where you need to be always available, or where you are working with people from across the world, building a truly international network for your company and your future.

Overall, choosing work order software Hippo CMMS is one of the best ways to boost your company and ensure that you are going to get the best out of every transaction. You will reduce the man hours you put into your business, reduce waste, and ensure that work orders are never lost. You can shift towards more Eco-friendly actions as a company, file reports with surprising speed, and always have the documentation you need for taxes, grants, integration, and another issue.

There is a reason that Hippo is one of the most trusted names in the world, and why it should be the most trusted name you know.

Email Extractor

Email Extractor Software: Will This Program Work for You

One of the keys to internet marketing is to have a strong contact list. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers to add everyone they’ve emailed to their contacts. In addition, many people don’t know how they can transfer contacts from one email address to another.

Thankfully, there’s a piece of software that will make it easy for you to put together lengthy lists of email. That program is Email Extractor Software. This lightweight utility is able to extract emails from a while range of sources, including websites, search engines, and local files. If you use it, you’ll quickly be able to gather all the emails that you need.

One of the most powerful services this program offers is the ability to extract emails based on keywords. If you’re hoping to target people with a specific keyword, you can plug that keyword into Email Extractor Software.

From there, the program will harvest thousands of emails using that specific keyword. If desired, you can then repeat the process using a new keyword. The program will avoid pulling the same email address twice, so each attempt will only expand your existing list further.

Another option this tool offers is the ability to pull emails from a specific website. You can target blogs, forums, and other sites that your potential clients would normally frequent, and you can use them to gather all kinds of email addresses. Many people list their email address every time they leave a comment on a website.

Of course, this program won’t just help you gather emails from other sources. It’ll help you take advantage of all of the emails that you already have. It can extract all of the emails from a local file on your computer, meaning that you won’t ever have to worry about moving over an old contacts list.

This kind of targeted email extraction system makes it far more likely that the users who receive your email will be engaged and interested in what you have to say. There’s no sense in wasting your time sending emails to people who will never read them. This is a surefire way to ensure that your messages are consistently seen by the right people.

In addition, the speed of this program is tremendous. If you tried to do all of this on your own, it could take you days, if not weeks. With this program, you can build a mailing list in a matter of minutes.

If you combine this program with high-quality email marketing software, you’ll be able to achieve incredible results. You’ll have no trouble building up a massive mailing list, and that list will be able to deliver you some truly impressive results.

There’s no sense in wasting your time trying to put together the perfect mailing list from scratch. Take advantage of what this program has to offer so that you can put your time into something else. With the right tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to become an internet marketing success.

Download your free demo version of the software here: Email Extractor Lite 1.4


Download Youtube Videos

Multiple Ways To Download Youtube Video

It won’t be wrong to say YouTube is the most popular video sharing site on the internet today. Uploaders on YouTube share all kind of videos ranging from video games to cooking to make up tips and many other things. Even though YouTube allows users to watch videos online for free, sometime users want to download YouTube videos on their phone or tablet or desktop to watch later without connecting to the internet again.

YouTube does not provide any tool to download videos from the website but due to the huge popularity of this video site, a number of third party apps are available today to download YouTube videos. Here are a few tips to help you download your favorite videos from YouTube.

There are multiple ways to download videos from YouTube. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all of the videos that can be downloaded from the website confirm to the terms of service of YouTube. If a video is available to download legally, it will be explicitly stated on the page of that video.

Online Services to Download Video

One of the best ways to download video from YouTube is to make a search online on your favorite search engine. There are a number of online services where you just need to add in the URL of the video that you want to download.

These services download the video to their own servers and offer a number of options regarding conversion. For instance, there are many such sites including clip converter, keepvid and many others such services.

Desktop Software to Download Videos

There are also a number of desktop softwares available for free that allow you to download videos from YouTube. Most of these softwares only allow download of one video at a time in the free version.

However, most of the pro versions of the softwares allow multiple videos to be downloaded simultaneously. In fact, there are number of paid softwares that allow multiple videos to be downloaded from YouTube based on the search function.

These softwares also usually have various editing tools that allow you to cut the video length and change the format of the file.

Browser Add-Ons

There are also a number of browser add-ons available today for all the popular browsers that allow you to download your favorite videos from many video websites including YouTube. You just need to navigate to the URL of the video that you want to download and an icon will appear below the video or on the top bar of the browser. You just need to click on the icon and it will allow you to download the video in various qualities.

Also, most of these add-ons allow you to restart downloading in case the Internet connection goes down while you’re in the middle fo downloading the video.

It is important to keep in mind that YouTube offers multiple versions of the same video in various quality formats. If you download only high-definition quality of the video, you will need to download a lot of data.

Overall, downloading videos from YouTube is extremely easy these days with the help of various softwares, apps and browser add-ons.

The Best Android Apps

The Best Android Apps

What are some of the best apps for your android device? Obviously, there are thousands of apps to choose from and it can be quite challenging to find the best android apps. That being said, the following is a list of some of the best android apps available today. Of course, everyone has their own opinion about which apps are the best but these are just a few to consider.

It should be noted at the start that when you click on any of the links for any of these apps you will be directed to the Google play store. This will allow you to download your favorite app immediately. Also you will notice the app library feature with a variety of categories and subcategories. These categories and subcategories are valuable to help you find your app more quickly.

Also, a good app library will be constantly updated to provide you with all of the newest and latest android apps available. It is amazing to see how many new apps are being introduced on a daily basis into the market. There are hundreds of apps for categories such as news, financing, games, languages, social networks, photography, sports, health, music and so on and so on.

One of the interesting apps available for your android is called Corgi. With this app you can share and view your subscription from Feedly. This will occur directly on the lock screen of your smart phone. You can save all of your interesting articles so that you can view them later and the app provides you with an easy set up and sleek user interface. Corgi is an app that is very popular and enjoyed by many.

The Nuzzel app is a great app to use amongst friends. If your friend has a news item that he deems worthy you can also read the very same news item with this app. This app will tap into your Facebook and Twitter accounts and allow you to choose a variety of sharing options. It will allow you to access a view of relevant news items that your friends consider important.

Do you enjoy writing as opposed to typing? There is an app from Google that allows you to quickly and accurately hand write text on your phone. There are many people who do not enjoy typing and are very slow at it. They prefer to write everything in their own handwriting. You will be able to hand write a complete message or simply jot down a quick note. Your friends will be amazed when they receive a handwritten message as opposed to one that is typed.

An app that is very important for people who love to travel is called Hipmunk. If you are looking for the perfect deal for your next travel adventure then you need to download this app. This app provides a visual outlining of various prices for both hotels and flights. It is an app that is very easy to understand and use. It will help you to avoid those agonizing layovers that are so common at all airports. These are just a few of the amazing apps that you can download for your android device.

The Best IPhone Apps

The Best IPhone Apps For Your New IPhone

Have you recently purchased an iPhone and now are searching for the best iPhone apps that are applicable? If you have, you will soon discover that there are hundreds upon hundreds of different apps for your iPhone. You will also discover that it can be quite confusing to know which of these apps is best to use. However, do not worry because there is a solution.

There is a place that you can go on the Internet that breaks down all of the various apps into different categories. This feature alone will help you to find the perfect app without wasting a lot of your valuable time. In fact, this website also provides subcategories to help you find the appropriate app even quicker. Once you have located a particular app that you want to use you can click on it and it will directly link you to the iPhone App Store.

This is an amazing website because they will also help you to find their favorite pics for categories such as organizing and work, entertainment, health and fitness, security, chat, social, around town, travel, maps, and much more. Every week new categories and subcategories are being added. Also, all the best and newest apps are constantly being added as they become available.

Another important feature about this website is that they are user-friendly. It is a very easy website to navigate. The categories and subcategories make finding an app simple and easy. Also, the website asks for your suggestions and feedback. The people who run this website do not think that they know it all and by asking for your feedback and suggestions it will make it a much better site in the long run.

Some of the apps that are being recommended on the site include Joobik Player. Joobik Player is an app that is very handy for people who want to go to iTunes and queue up a video playlist. This video playlist can then be played on any AirPlay device. This is a very handy app because as we all know, there hasn’t been a queue feature for iTunes created by Apple.

Another favorite app from their recommended list is TeeVee 3. TeeVee 3 provides you with a calendar that counts down the time until your favorite TV show. This will help you to never miss any one of your favorite TV shows again. All that is required from you is to choose which TV shows are your favorite and the app will take care of everything else.

Another interesting app allows you to upload videos and photos and then create your own personalized story. You can create a story about anything that you can imagine. You can then put your story and pictures on your favorite blog or website. The app will also allow you to search for other stories from different people. These are just a few of the best iPhone apps that you can install on your new iPhone.

Email Providers

The Best Email Providers On The Net

With the rise of the internet and the increased popularity of email addresses one has to wonder whether conventional post boxes are ever used anymore. If perhaps you are thinking about getting an email address or making a switch, here are the best email providers you should be looking out for.


Google doesn’t just have the biggest market share in terms of internet traffic; it also has one of the biggest and most popular email services, namely Gmail. The storage capacity is substantial and they offer several features that turn your Gmail account into the center of operations.

It has a very user-friendly interface in addition to search options if you are struggling to find an old email. As for spam, Gmail offers top quality protection. They have also divided promotional, social and primary emails into separate categories to make everything more organized.

There are some who believe should be considered the best email provider and they have good reason. The most prominent feature has to be the choice of domain, which is a very attractive aspect for business oriented individuals.

In terms of storage, there is no limit and you are allowed to add a whopping 50mb attachment to the mails you send. Just like Gmail it can be accessed via mobile devices and it also offers excellent spam and identity protection.

Yahoo! Mail

It’s only natural that Yahoo! Mail falls into this list because it can compete with the best of them. It allows the user to send 100mb per email, or if you prefer, 50 files. You are also at liberty to watch videos and slideshows without having to leave the email page.

Other great features include the sending of text and instant messages while interacting with social media pages. As for its organizational skills, it will prioritize and separate important emails from the lesser important mails quickly and effectively.


Given that GMX hasn’t reached the level of popularity like the others, it still deserves to be on the list of the best email providers. The most important thing when looking at an email provider is the reliability, which is exactly what GMX offers.

In addition to reliability, there are some nice features. For example, it can be used as the center for other email addresses and the storage is unlimited. Users can be sure that high quality security is in place to give protection from viruses and spam while attachments with a maximum of 50mb is allowed.

Last but not least, there is the reincarnation of Hotmail. It was brought to life by the people at Microsoft and boasts will all the latest communication trends on the net. With a very clean interface and its integration with Microsoft Office it gives users a world of possibilities.

There are many other providers out there, but those mentioned above definitely rank very high on the best email providers list due to their reputations. Whichever provider you decide to use you won’t be disappointed.

What Are PDFs?

File Type Breakdowns – What Are PDFs?

One of the more commonly used document file types are PDFs. You might be asking yourself “what are PDFs anyway?” In the following article, we’ll go over the format in great detail.

PDF is actually an acronym that stands for Portable Document Format. It is used to allow access to documents (such as important scanned documents like resumes, tax forms, or certificates) independently from application software, hardware, or even operating systems. PDFs present a completely flat document in a flat layout. Everything contained in the file will look exactly as it does no matter what type of system is used to access it. PDF files have been in use since the early 1990s to share all manner of documents, and they are still used quite frequently today.

Despite the format’s usefulness, PDFs weren’t the hottest thing to hit computers straight away. This is largely due to a wide array of competitors in the beginning. Early on, formats such as Envoy, Farralon Replica, Common Ground Digital Paper, DjVu, and another Adobe file type known as PostScript (or simply .ps) were also being used. This was before internet use was common, and at this point PDF files were mostly used to help the workflow of desktop publishing procedures.

Another big reason that PDFs failed to take off right away lied within the costly nature of Adobe Acrobat, it’s corresponding reader suite. PDFs also lacked support for external hyper linking at first, meaning that they had little usefulness as far as online usage went. PDF file compression also wasn’t as refined yet, meaning the file types were generally quit large – especially when compared to the relatively tiny .txt documents that saw frequent use at the time. The smaller the file – the faster it could download. Internet speeds were dramatically slower in the 1990s than they are now, meaning PDF struggled to gain favor until they could be adequately compressed.

1994 saw the release of Adobe Acrobat Reader 3, the first time the reader portion of the full suite was available for free. Over the course of the next two years, most web browsers were able to open the files without any additional software installation. The internet saw its first big boom around the same time, giving the PDF format the clear advantage in the portable document field. Once versions 4 and 5 rolled around (in 1999 and 2000, respectively) with highly coveted features such as allowing digital signatures and even PDF editing that allows forms to be filled out, the file type was a clear mainstay in the world of computing.

And there you have it. You no longer have to ask “what are PDFs” every time someone asks you to throw one into your e-mail! Given the incredible versatility of PDFs (they can be opened in virtually all of Adobe’s programs – Photoshop and Illustrator included – as well as web browsers and many other free programs) they definitely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.